Does Spray Tan Keep Developing After Shower

Before you step into a tanning booth, you might wonder about the longevity of that beautifully bronzed look. Particularly, you might question the effects of a shower on your freshly applied spray tan. After all, you wouldn’t want your precious time and money washed down the drain, would you?

Despite what you might think, a shower does not halt the development of your spray tan. In fact, your skin continues to darken even after you’ve rinsed off. The active ingredient in spray tan, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), works by reacting with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin, and this reaction continues for up to 24 hours post-application. Therefore, while showering does wash away the bronzer, it doesn’t remove the tan that’s developing underneath.

However, there’s more to maintaining that sun-kissed glow than just understanding how it develops. It’s also crucial to know how to care for your tan post-shower and in the days following your session. From moisturizing tips to optimal times for exfoliation, there’s plenty more to learn about extending the life of your spray tan. So, ready to become a pro at preserving your faux glow? Keep reading to learn all there is to know about nurturing your spray tan and making it last as long as possible.

How Long to Wait Before Showering After Getting a Spray Tan?

The waiting time before showering after applying a spray tan varies depending on the type of product used, such as a light lotion or bronzer. Generally, it is recommended to wait at least 8 hours before showering to achieve the desired bronzed goddess look. Following the instructions provided by your tanning professional is crucial for optimal results. Patience is key in achieving the perfect tan.

  • Different types of spray tans may have different development times, according to tanning experts. It’s important to note that the tanning ingredient used in the spray tan can affect how long it takes for the tan to fully develop. After getting a spray tan, it is recommended to wait a few hours before taking your first shower.
  • Some spray tans require longer waiting periods before showering.
  • It’s important to consult with your tanning professional for specific instructions on the number of hours you need to wait before exposing your skin to the sun. Additionally, make sure to include relevant text content about the rights and responsibilities associated with tanning.
  • Waiting at least 8 hours after your spray tan before you shower is an important step to allow the tanning ingredient to fully develop and set on your skin. It is crucial to respect this waiting period to ensure optimal results and protect your rights.
  • Getting a spray tan requires following certain steps. One important step is to wait the recommended number of hours before showering. Showering too soon can result in uneven or premature fading of the spray tan.
  • Avoid activities such as the first shower or spray tanning that may cause excessive sweating or water exposure within the first few hours after the step.
  • When getting a spray tan, it is important to use lukewarm water and gentle, non-abrasive products when showering. This step is crucial for maintaining the longevity of the tan.
  • After your first shower, pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing vigorously to avoid prematurely removing the tan. Use an image to illustrate this step.
  • Don’t forget this important step: moisturize regularly after showering to maintain the longevity of your spray tan. For more detailed instructions, check out the wikiHow article on spray tanning.

Showering Techniques to Maximize Tan Development

  • When showering after getting a spray tan, it is important to use lukewarm water instead of hot water. This step helps preserve your tan and prevents it from fading prematurely. Remember to follow the instructions on wikiHow for the best results.
  • To avoid the tan fading faster, follow these steps after showering: gently pat yourself dry with a towel, rather than rubbing excessively. This will help maintain the tan for longer. For a visual guide, you can refer to an image on wikiHow.
  • When getting a spray tan, it’s important to avoid using harsh soaps or exfoliating products during showers. These can strip away the color and affect the development of your tan. Follow these steps on wikiHow to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful tan.
  • When getting your first shower after tanning, it is important to choose a gentle, sulfate-free body wash that won’t remove the bronzer or disrupt the tanning process.
  • If you plan on swimming, apply waterproof sunscreen before getting into the water and rinse off chlorine or saltwater afterward with a quick shower.
  • Remember that getting a spray tan is a step-by-step process. The image of the top layer of bronzer may wash off during the first shower, but your actual tan will continue to develop even after showering. Don’t worry, this is a normal part of the spray tan experience.
  • When getting a spray tan, it’s important to follow the specific instructions provided by your tanning technician for showering and aftercare steps. They are experts in ensuring optimal results for your tan.

Consequences Of Washing Off Spray Tan Too Early

Getting your first shower after a spray tan is an important step in the process. Waiting before rinsing off is crucial to ensure the best outcome and preserve the image of your tan.

  • If you wash off your spray tan too soon, before getting a shower, you may end up with an uneven or lighter color image. The tanning solution needs sufficient time to fully develop on your skin, and cutting this step short can result in a patchy appearance.
  • Diminished tanning effects: Getting a shower after applying the tanning solution and before the DHA has a chance to react with the amino acids in your skin can diminish the overall tanning effects. The DHA is responsible for creating the desired tan image on your skin, so washing off the bronzer prematurely can reduce the desired results.
  • Follow the recommended waiting period for your spray tan to ensure optimal results. It’s crucial to wait before rinsing off in the shower. This waiting step allows enough time for the DHA to fully develop and create a long-lasting, natural-looking tan.

Choosing The Right Body Wash For Your Spray Tan

Choosing the right body wash for your shower is crucial. Here are some essential tips from WikiHow to keep in mind. Follow these steps and refer to the image below for guidance.

pH-balanced body washes

When preparing for a sunless tan, it is important to use pH-balanced body washes. These specially formulated products help maintain the pH balance of your skin, ensuring an even and long-lasting spray tan. To learn more about this step, you can refer to a wikiHow image guide.

Sulfate-free cleansers

Using sulfate-free cleansers is another key step in getting a long-lasting spray tan. These gentle formulas, as recommended by WikiHow, effectively cleanse without stripping away the color or natural oils from your skin. By avoiding sulfates, you can extend the life of your tan and prevent it from fading prematurely, even after showering.

Moisturizing ingredients

When getting a shower, look for body washes on WikiHow that contain hydrating ingredients. This step is important for keeping your skin nourished and moisturized. The moisturized skin helps retain the color from your spray tan, giving you a radiant and flawless look.

Beware of scented body washes

While scented body washes may be appealing when getting a shower, they often contain alcohol that can potentially fade your tan. Alcohol has a drying effect on the skin, which can lead to faster fading of your spray tan. It’s best to opt for unscented or lightly scented options when following the step-by-step guide on WikiHow to avoid any unwanted consequences.

Moisturizing and Prolonging Your Spray Tan

After you have showered and your spray tan has developed, it is important to moisturize your skin to keep your tan looking fresh and lasting longer. Moisturizing helps to hydrate your skin and prevent it from becoming dry and flaky, which can cause your spray tan to fade more quickly. Choose a moisturizer that is oil-free and non-comedogenic, as these types of moisturizers are less likely to clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Applying moisturizer once or twice a day, especially after showering, will help maintain the moisture levels in your skin and extend the life of your spray tan. Additionally, avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals or exfoliants, as these can strip away the top layer of your skin and cause your tan to fade unevenly.

To ensure the best results when getting a shower, opt for oil-free, water-based moisturizers. These products, are specifically designed to nourish the skin without interfering with the tanning process.

Final Words

The development of a spray tan largely depends on how you handle your post-tan shower routine. Waiting for an adequate amount of time before showering is crucial to allow the tan to fully develop. It is generally recommended to wait at least 8-12 hours before rinsing off the excess solution according to wikihow.

In summary, following proper post-tan care instructions from, such as waiting before showering, using gentle techniques, selecting suitable body washes, and moisturizing adequately will help maximize the development and longevity of your spray tan.

Remember, achieving optimal results with a spray tan requires not only proper pre-tan preparation but also diligent aftercare, including taking a shower. By following these guidelines and incorporating them into your routine, you can enjoy a long-lasting and natural-looking glow after you shower.


How long should I wait before showering after getting a spray tan?

It is generally recommended to wait at least 8-12 hours before showering after getting a spray tan. This allows the color to fully develop and set on your skin.

What showering techniques should I use to maximize tan development?

When showering after a spray tan, use lukewarm water and gentle movements to wash your body. Avoid scrubbing too harshly or using hot water, as this can cause premature fading and unevenness in your tan.

What are the consequences of washing off spray tan too early?

Washing off your spray tan too early can result in a patchy or streaky appearance. It is best to be patient and allow the tan to set properly before taking a shower.

How do I choose the right body wash for my spray tan?

Choose sulfate-free and pH-balanced shower body washes that are specifically formulated for sunless tanning. These shower products will be gentle on your skin and help extend the life of your spray tan.

How can I moisturize and prolong my spray tan?

Regularly apply a hydrating lotion or oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin nourished and prevent dryness, which can lead to faster fading of your spray tan. Additionally, make sure to avoid showering immediately after getting a spray tan.

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